Green-AeroSM : The next generation in rapid tooling

Green-AeroSM tooling from Nevada Composites—when you want it, where you want it, and at a price you can afford.

Choppers at sunset in AfghanistanWhen a demanding mission requires both speed and affordability, look to Green-AeroSM tooling from Nevada Composites.

Nevada Composites' innovative toolmaking process represents the next generation in rapid tooling for composites prototyping, manufacture, and repair.

Advantages of Green-AeroSM tooling from Nevada Composites:

Green-Aero<sup>SM</sup> rapid toolmaking process

Green-AeroSM tooling uses a vacuum-casting technique and ceramic tooling material adapted from the metal foundry industry. Green-AeroSM tooling combines simplicity, reliability, and flexibility in a robust but rapid tool-making process. In addition, the master no longer limits the tooling approach—since it is removed before tool hardening it can be made from almost any material, including an FDM or SLA model, original part, or medium-density tooling foam. And even with all of these advantages, the tools may be washed out, even after high-temperature exposure, for trapped-tooling applications.

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